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Listen to Lyons' debut EP on Spotify, released June 2017 by in the clouds.






Buy our S/T album through In the Clouds. Each vinyl, purchased online, will come with a custom Horoscope reading from the band, cut as a secret track at the end of your record based on the sign you choose.


You can also download a digital album on Band Camp here.





On March 6th, Lyons will debut their new music video for "Islands" - check back then!

Video directed by @StuStuStudios and @CheckerLiar 

Recorded by Paul Ritchie, New Future Recording

Mastered by Bill Henderson, Azimuth Mastering

 Lyons "Strawberry Moon" Video by Okie Dokie Studios

 Lyons "Summer Gold" at Wonderbar by Cool Dad Music

 Lyons "Midnight Drive" at Asbury Hotel by In The Clouds

Lyons "Wrapped Up" In The Clouds Static Attic Sessions

Lyons "Where I Go Now" Live at The Anchor's Bend

Lyons "You Gotta Way" Live at Asbury Park Yacht Club

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