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Bubbling up out of Asbury Park is the pysch-meets-post-punk brew of Lyons. Comprised of Jenny Vickers, Charleen Artese, Lisa English, Sharon McDonaugh and Amy Malkoff, the band is now sharing a new single, “Strawberry Moon,” their first with Little Dickman Records. - Impose Magazine

On "Strawberry Moon," Lyons combine elements of post-punk, dream pop, and psychedelic rock. Chiming guitars and a relentless beat give this one a dark vibe as Amy Malkoff -- perhaps under the influence of the full moon -- sings, "I believe I have control of these feelings..." - Cool Dad Music

Our latest exclusive song is brought to you by Lyons, a group that draws from the library of icy post-punk and add a psych-rock vibe that will make you want to shake your hips. - Songwriting Magazine

Lyons - Winner of Asbury Park Music Awards 2018 “Top Local Album Release” & “Top Psych/Garage/Surf Band

​Lyons is something of a local supergroup in Asbury Park, featuring longtime shore musicians Jenny Vickers, Charleen Artese, Lisa English, Sharon McDonaugh, Amy Malkoff in this new, all-female surf-rock iteration. The music off the new band’s self-titled 2017 debut is sharp as a tack — give it a go. - The Star Ledger

On their self-titled, debut EP, Lyons weave among dream pop, gothy post-punk, and even surf sounds. The chiming lead guitar of Sharon McDonaugh gets me right here, you know? And Amy Malkoff's vocals soar into the stratosphere. - Cool Dad Music

The music of Asbury Park’s all-girl band Lyons strikes listeners with a danceable, shoegazey blend of alternative and surf rock. Their powerful performances will leave you spellbound, and women in the audience will feel encouraged to take up an instrument and start their own group. - The Pop Break

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On Lyons, singer / guitarist Amy Malkoff belts out swirling vocals as Sharon McDonaugh provides those chiming leads that I always love so much. The rhythm section of Jenny Vickers (drums) and Lisa English (bass) contribute to that post-punk vibe, and the added prominence given to Charleen Artese's keys on the recording is a major (and welcome) sonic component to several of the songs here. - Cool Dad Music